Volunteer with us

Our Recovery College is driven by co-production and co-design, so we are looking to work alongside people who bring enthusiasm, skills and experiences to help us get it right.

Do you have lived experience of mental health challenges and feel that you’re in a place of recovery at the moment? Are you a carer or supporter of someone with a mental health problem? Are you a mental health professional or do you have a professional background which could aid in others’ wellbeing?

Volunteering with us promotes self confidence and self-esteem, it helps others and it can help you build up your skills and knowledge too. From day-to-day tasks and administration work to co-producing new workshops or delivering on our existing courses. We are looking for volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Previous experience is not necessary, but our volunteers need to demonstrate empathy, hope and control. A regular time commitment is required, because consistency is important in our work. Workshops may be delivered during the daytime or evenings so full-time workers and students are often still able to volunteer with us.

We welcome volunteers at Compass! Get in touch with us to chat more: 0118 9373945, compass.opportunities@reading.gov.uk

Volunteering with us

Volunteer Stories


I first came across Compass Recovery College in 2021 when I joined some art workshops. The pandemic had taken its toll on my mental health but the smiles and positive attitudes of the recovery workers really boosted my mood and gave me something to look forward to each week. I saw a different side to mental health support as it really felt like the focus was on community and connection (with a few silly jokes thrown in). It was like a breath of fresh air to feel so encouraged and seen every time I came to a workshop or event. So after a couple of years I decided that I wanted to volunteer. The feeling of belonging and being encouraged each week by the team continued to boost my self esteem whilst I also started to help others. It became apparent at this point that the success of Compass is definitely a team effort which includes its participants. I feel very valued as a volunteer and feel very fortunate to be around a supportive team of people who really want to help others in their recovery. Compass is a guide for hope.


I came to Compass as a participant in 2020 following a suggestion from Talking Therapies. Initially, I took part online and gradually started to attend in-person workshops. The support I received from Compass was pivotal in my recovery journey and when there was an opportunity to volunteer, I wanted to try and support others in the way I had been as a participant. Volunteering for Compass has had a huge impact on my wellbeing. It has given me the confidence to talk to and support others going through their own recovery journey. I have also enjoyed learning new skills which I hope will help me in the future. This in turn has led to an enjoyable and rewarding volunteer experience. Volunteering has been so important in my recovery and it has given me a sense of wellbeing and who I am. 

Volunteer Roles

Compass Recovery College has four key roles for our volunteers. Each role has unique skills and responsibilities. Please look through each of the options and the job descriptions below. 
Applicants are encouraged to speak with the team about the roles. Once you decide which role would suit you best please fill in the form below.
  Click on our volunteer roles to find out more information.

Workshop Contributor and Developer  

Our Workshop Contributor and Developer is a key role in compass. You will be helping our team co-develop and co-deliver our mental health and wellbeing workshops 



Peer Supporter

Our Peer Supporter role is all about providing a welcoming and friendly face in our workshops and sessions, and sharing your lived experience. 


Content Creator

Our Content Creator role is focused on supporting us to produce captivating and engaging media to publish across all of our different platforms 


Compass Ambassador

Compass Ambassadors join us out in the community to spread the word on the work we are doing here at Compass.