Our workshops

Our workshops focus on self-management skills and living well, with the aim of all our participants becoming experts in their own self-care.

All our workshops are co-produced; designed and delivered by people with lived experience of mental health challenges together with mental health professionals. Our aim is for everyone to feel listened to in a safe space, with the opportunity to connect with others.

You don’t need a referral to attend, you just need to register on the form below to book your place.  

 Email compass.opportunities@reading.gov.uk if you would like help to complete the form.

Our workshops include

Mental health workshops

Designed to help us understand mental health challenges and teach skills for self-management:

For example: ‘Introduction to Anxiety’, ‘Introduction to Depression’, ‘Living Well With Our Voices’, ‘A Good Night’s Sleep’, ‘Problem Busting for Less Stress’ and ‘Wellbeing, Self-care and Resilience’

Wellbeing workshops

Designed to improve wellbeing and keep us well:

For example: ‘Yoga’, ‘Mindfulness’, ‘Pilates’, ‘Gardening for Wellbeing’, ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’, ‘Money Matters’,v‘Story Telling’, ‘Creative Art’ and ‘Theatre Improvisation’

Drop-in Sessions

Informal, drop-in sessions to chat about how we are, meet new people or old friends:

For example: ‘Coffee and Chat’ and ‘Walk-Talk-Walk’

Prospectus and schedule

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October - December Autumn 2023 Prospectus

October - December Autumn 2023 Schedule

Winter Schedule

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Meet the facilitators

We work with a variety of facilitators to bring a diversity of expertise to Compass.

Olga Zilberberg

Olga delivers many of Compass’ mental health workshops. From Introduction to Anxiety to Wellbeing, Self-care and Resilience. Olga is a CBT and NLP Practitioner working with Recovery Colleges across the country. She has been working with Compass Recovery college for 5 year and enjoyed every second of it. She is passionate about mental health and supporting communities have a better understanding of it as well as helping those affected by poor mental health in their road of recovery. In her spare time she enjoys forest walks, board games with the family and reading.

Marie Groucott

Marie has been a yoga therapist and doula for 15 years. She teaches groups and individuals breathing, movement and techniques centred around this, to improve wellbeing and relationships. Marie places you as an individual at the heart of what she does; working in partnership with you, giving you nourishing, doable and independent skills towards your well being. As well as Yoga being a central part of her own life, she swims outdoors, walks her dogs and both dances and cooks in the kitchen whilst her kids complain there’s never anything to eat.

Lisa-Marie Gibbs

Lisa-Marie’s work as an artist facilitator has led her to engage with fragile communities, both locally and internationally over 25 years. Working in conflict zones with people displaced by war, prisons, mental health settings, soldiers living with PTSD, people facing extreme physical disabilities, people with multi complex needs and on regeneration projects. This work has had a far-reaching effect on her own creative practice and continues to influence every creative intervention. The notion that we are all interconnected by invisible threads and that every action we take has the butterfly effect is a constant source of exploration. When not dreaming up things in her studio, she can be found very happily in her garden, digging, planting and watching the magic of Mother Nature.