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Join Us! Throughout lock down Compass have continued running a selection of online courses. Now, following the latest government guidelines and strict hygiene practices, we will be offering some exciting new outdoor courses! These courses can be found in the 'Coming Soon!' section of this page and online courses will continue to be delivered over the video platform ''. Check out our 'Helpful Tips' page for a guide on how to access this platform and our Twitter and Facebook for other interesting and important information. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have about the new set-up of our groups in advance of attending.

Coming Soon!

A Good Night's Sleep - Wednesday 5th and Monday 10th August - 2pm-3pm - Delivered via MS Teams

Beginner's Yoga Workshops (6-week course) - Fridays 11-11:40,

7th August to 11th September

For more information click here.

Delivered via

Summer Holidays

Kids and adults alike will be piling outdoors this month to enjoy the beautiful weather and while holidays abroad are still touch and go, August is the perfect time to enjoy local nature reserves, parks and gardens in the UK. Head over to our News page for the Royal Horticultural Society's garden to-do list for the month.

Outdoor Activities

Following guidelines on social distancing and hygiene, Compass will be running the following outdoor courses!

Stretching and Breathing Exercise Class

Healthy Eating - Picnic and Chat

Compass Allotment Project

For more information click here.

Following the recent growth in strength of the #Blacklivesmatter movement we have released a statement reflecting our response to the call for more effort to be made to acknowledge and improve the experience of Black and minority ethnic members of our community, in our case the experience of mental health services. Click here for our full statement.

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