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We offer free mental health and wellbeing courses for everyone

Whether you’re looking to develop your knowledge and skills in self-management, you are supporting someone with mental health-related challenges, or you work in mental health services, we’re delighted to welcome you on a learning journey. We offer a wide range of courses that are an educational route to recovery from mental health challenges and increasing positive wellbeing. You don’t need a referral from a clinician or service to enrol. As a student, you can choose which courses interest you or suit your needs.

Course prospectus and schedule

April – August 2021 course prospectus

July - August 2021 course schedule

Upcoming courses

A Good Night's Sleep

This two-session course looks at the factors that can adversely affect our sleep. 

Starts 15 June 2021

WRAP for Carers

This course works with carers to identify and articulate their needs.

Starts 14 June 2021

Money Matters

Dealing with money can make us feel anxious and this affects our wellbeing. This course will help you feel more in control of money and, as a result, less anxious.

Starts 7 June 2021

Living Well with Our Voices

This six-week course will explore why we hear voices and how we can live a kinder and gentler life with our voices.

Starts 14 May 2021