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About Us


Compass Recovery College is an organisation based in Reading, Berkshire, UK, commissioned by Reading Borough Council. We are focused on the message that recovery from mental health challenges is both likely and possible with the right tools. 

We provide free courses and social groups for anyone in the area aged 18 or over who may be affected directly or indirectly by mental ill health. So whether you are suffering yourself, or perhaps you are a carer or a family member who would like to know more about mental health, we can help.

With courses about specific diagnoses, general concepts or coping strategies, delivered by staff and peer support volunteers with lived experience of mental health challenges, we hope you'll find the way we do things refreshingly different .

Alongside our more educational sessions, we run courses and groups to encourage creativity, such as pottery, art groups and our allotment. During the warmer months, we also offer volunteering opportunities at the popular and scenic Caversham Court Tea Kiosk; this is fun as well as a great way to develop employability skills.

With several social groups happening every week, there's always something happening to help support you in living your best life, whatever that may look like right now.

Come along to one of our Info & Reg days to get registered and find out more about what courses and events might suit your needs. (For dates and times refer to our calendar)

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Our Philosophy


A Safe Space

We provide a supportive, friendly environment, where students can learn and share experiences and ideas in confidence and comfort in order to develop skills for life.


We will do our best to meet the needs of every student that wishes to develop and take control to manage their life.

Open to All

We welcome anyone aged 18 or over with lived experience of mental illness or life challenges, as well as their friends, family, carers, mental health practitioners and clinicians.


All courses are developed and delivered by people who can call upon their own lived experience of mental health and life issues, together with clinically trained staff.

This is at the heart of the Recovery College and supports a diverse perspective on living with mental health challenges.

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