Upcoming Voluntary Sector Training

With the holidays quickly approaching we’re excited to announce the first dates for our free voluntary sector training and support beginning in the new year. This free training is for all community sector volunteers and staff alike, to boost knowledge, understanding and self-resilience in their own mental health.

These workshops are now FULL – registering will put you on the waiting list for the next sessions

Tuesday 18th 5-6pm [ONLINE @ ZOOM]
In this wellbeing session we will use yoga tools and practices, such as breathing, movement and self-massage to care for ourselves. We will listen to our needs as supporters with kindness and begin to care for those needs as a priority both for ourselves and the people we support.

Thursday 20th 10am-12:30pm [ONLINE @ ZOOM]
Professional Boundaries
This session explores how voluntary sector staff and volunteers can set professional boundaries when working with mental health challenges. These boundaries can support our work and provide a safe and secure environment from which to work with our service users.
These sessions will support us to be mindful of when it is appropriate to self-disclose, the danger of too much self-disclosure and the risks of transference and counter transference. The aim is to enable service users to take charge of their wellbeing by providing opportunities for growth and self-development.

Tuesday 15th 5-6pm [ONLINE @ ZOOM]
Resetting from stress
In this wellbeing session we will look at how experiencing stress and supporting others in distress can affect our own nervous systems. We will work with the tools of yoga to reset and restore our own equilibrium, bringing both calmness and energy into our daily lives.

Friday 18th 10am-12:30pm [ONLINE @ ZOOM]
Emotional Boundaries
This session explores how as volunteers and voluntary sector staff we can set up emotional boundaries that support our own wellbeing within our work.
When supporting others, we need to understand how to put our own self-care in place to avoid burnout and compassion fatigue and to identify when our wellbeing is being compromised.

If you are interested in attending any of the above workshops please use our sign up form below:
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We would like to continue developing this training based on the needs and interests of the voluntary and community sector. If you have any experiences or interests we can help with please contact Ashley at Ashley.Hitchman@reading.gov.uk to discuss future opportunities.