Free Training for Voluntary Sector

As a Recovery College, we’ve always taken pride in providing free mental health and wellbeing workshops to the residents of Reading, but what about those who provide the vital support for our communities?

We recognise that Voluntary and Community organisations have been supporting more people with mental health needs in these difficult times. So, with the support of Reading Borough Council’s Clinically Extremely Vulnerable fund, Compass is excited to announce that we will be organising free, open access training for everyone across the voluntary sector.

This free training is for volunteers and staff alike, to boost knowledge, understanding and self-resilience in their own mental health.

We would like to develop this training based on the needs and interests of that the voluntary and community sector is experiencing, please contact Ashley to talk about what you would like to have more training in:

Examples of free training include:

  • Professional Boundaries:
    Boundaries can often become blurred when you’re dealing with someone’s mental health and wellbeing, this training helps explain the importance of keeping them for the safety of your participants well as yourself.
  • Helping Hands:
    Develop the skills to help others to reach their own goals through effective conversations, understanding an individual’s motivation for change and addressing the barriers to make it happen.
  • Mindfulness:
    In the voluntary sector you give so much of yourself to help others, but do you ever help yourself? Mindfulness is based on meditation practices that bring our conscious awareness to the present moment in a non-judgmental, accepting way.
  • Understanding mental health conditions:
    Our most popular workshops revolve around understanding common mental health conditions like anxiety or depression. However, we have more specialised workshops around conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Bipolar or hearing voices. Simply gaining an understanding can create opportunities help others in their recovery.  

This free training will take place between January 2022 – Oct 2022. Further details and dates of workshops will released via our website soon.