June is PRIDE MONTHThis month dedicates time to the LGBTQ+ community to celebrate themselves, demonstrate pride in their identity and oppose as a united front the history of shame and stigma their community has faced historically, and sadly still in more recent times. We are lucky in Reading to have a large range of support available for LGBT individuals, and those organisations are best placed to describe Pride to you so check out their pages below!

Reading Pride works year-round to provide support to the LGBT community, educate our Reading community and spread awareness. Their website has a wide range of information about Pride events, local organisations and volunteering opportunities:

Our friends over at Support U are a local hub for LGBT+ resources, ranging from counselling and sexual health advice to support surrounding coming out and employment:

Here you can find a glossary of LGBTQ+ related terminology.

New Directions Traineeships for 19-24yr olds

starting in October 2020

Are you aged 19-24?
Is a lack of work experience and skills holding you back?
Then our Traineeship Programme could be for you!
Traineeships provide you with real work experience within Reading Borough Council or another local employer whilst gaining nationally accredited qualifications that will improve your skills and knowledge.

Please see this flyer for more information.

#HelpUsHelpYou   The NHS wants everyone to attend scheduled childhood vaccinations and antenatal/newborn screening appointments, as long as you do not have Covid-19 symptoms and you are not self-isolating. The NHS will take every possible step to make sure you are kept safe.


Vaccinations for children and pregnant women are needed to stop the spread of preventable illnesses which reduces the pressure on the NHS. Antenatal and new-born screenings are important to detect medical conditions early and give you the best treatment.


For more information, look at the following NHS guidance:

Thank You

Reading Heroes

Thank you to all our services that are continuing to provide essential support to the community. Here is one of the wonderful posters made for our waste collection crew by a resident’s daughter.

In local news, a self-professed hoarder in Berkshire is helping others to deal with their clutter. Lynn Howells shares her own process of reclaiming her home, highlighting the importance of the home environment to our mental wellbeing and offering support to the many others who are still struggling to control their hoarding behaviours.

To read Lynn's story click here.

Image: Lynn Howells, sourced from

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