Understanding Your Medication

This course has been developed by pharmacist Mona Qassim with a focus on helping you to understand your medication. With a mixture of group learning, open discussion and time set aside to answer questions one-to-one, this course should leave you feeling empowered and more in control of your medication and the effects it has on you. The aims of the course are to:

  • Discuss mental health medication

  • Understand how medication(s) for mental health work

  • Understand why medication(s) cause side effects and how these can be managed

  • Utilise online resources and know where to go for more information on medication

The following link takes you to the page pictured below, and can be used to search for information specific to a mental health condition or medication. From there you can download leaflets describing and comparing side effects between different groups of medication, the best way to take each medication and more.


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