Autism Specific Workshops

Compass Recovery College has been commissioned to deliver workshop specific to Autism and Mental health. below are the workshops we are delivering this term. Each workshop has been co-developed with our recovery workers and the lived experience of autistic individuals.

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Each Workshop will run on a Wednesday, at the Reading Central Library. A map can be found at the bottom of this page.

Understanding Autism and Mental health 

These workshops have been co-developed with lived experience as a primary focus. The workshops are split into two key sections across the sessions.

Week 1 will explore what is Autism, the symptoms and co-occurring conditions.

Week 2 will focus on mental health and coping strategies to help you manage your challenges

2 Sessions, in person

February 1 and 8, 12:30- 2:00pm

Autism and Social Anxiety

This workshop focuses on the inevitable social interactions all people come across in life. Using lived experience this session will explore social anxiety, where it stems from and some key techniques you can use you help manage your anxiety. The session aims to provide practical tools you can take away with you to support you when facing social anxiety.

1 session, in person February 15, 12.30- 2.00pm


Self Esteem and Autism

Self acceptance and self identity are important elements of our self esteem, which helps us maintain our own Mental Health. 

This workshop will focus exploring strategies for how to manage your self esteem. We will look into managing negative experiences or reactions from others.

1 session, in person
February 22nd, 12:30 – 2pm 

Supporting You To Support Autism

These workshops are co-developed with lived experience of careers. 

These two sessions will focus on both your caring responsibilities and your own wellbeing.

The aim is to support the family and carers of autistic adults in understanding Autism and support strategies for mental health and wellbeing.

In week one we will explore how autism presents and how this can be linked to mental health challenges. 

Week 2  will build on week one, providing opportunity to share tips and strategies. additionally we will explore how you can meet your own mental health and wellbeing needs when supporting others.


2 sessions, in person

March 1st and 8th, 12:30 – 2pm