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Staying Safe in Summer

​Here in the UK many of us don't get as much Vitamin D as we need, and this is a contributing factor to the seasonal depression many British people face. Statistically, people with a vitamin D deficiency are at a far greater risk of depression and face a harder time recovering from it too. While this may have people dashing outside to soak up the 'happy' vitamin, it is important to recognise that sunburn increases your risk of skin cancer, but not to fear! You can get the vitamin D you need and avoid sunburn. So - how can we use this lovely sunny weather to boost our mood safely? The NHS gives the following advice:

  • Spend time in the shade when the sun is at its strongest, typically 11-3pm in the UK

  • Wear sunscreen that is at least SPF30

  • Rather than rely solely on sunscreen that wears of over time, cover up with cool, long-sleeved clothing

  • If you go in the water, reapply your sunscreen

  • Don't forget your eyes! Protect them with sunglasses even if you think you can see fine without them

  • If you burn, apply cold water and after-sun lotion to the affected area, but consider visiting your doctor if it is particularly bad

  • You can still absorb vitamin D through sunscreen, and using tanning beds/trying to develop a tan will not protect you from the sun's harmful effects

  • Stay hydrated, drinking water regularly even if you don't feel thirsty


Escaping abuse is an entirely valid reason for leaving your home during the COVID-19 lockdown. There are many organisations who can help support you to do this as safely as possible. It's important to know that you are not alone. Even if you are unable to leave your home at the moment, you can still access support through one of the helplines listed below:

If you feel you are in immediate danger call 999. Press 55 when prompted if you can't speak. If you can’t use a voice phone, you can register with the police text service - text REGISTER to 999.

If your situation is not urgent, call the police on 101 or contact the Housing Advice Service on

0118-937-2165 (01344-786512 after 5pm) to plan your next steps if you need to move home because you are at risk.

Find out more at:

If you are concerned about domestic violence, Berkshire Women's Aid are there to help men, women and families who may be affected by any form of domestic abuse, and their services and refuges remain open. You can call their 24/7 helpline on 0118-950-4003.  You can also contact them via Facebook or email  just let them know how to contact you and what time to contact you.

The Men’s Advice Line is a confidential helpline for male victims of domestic abuse and those supporting them. or phone 0808-801-0327

If you have been the victim of rape or sexual abuse you can contact Solace Supporting men, women and children. 24/7 helpline 0800-970-9952

The government has recently launched a national campaign to help support victims of domestic abuse.


You can also get support from Refuge UK 24-hour helpline: 0808-2000-247

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