Skills for Recovery:

Owning My Recovery

A significant aspect of recovery involves understanding your mental health and learning to support yourself to be an expert in your own self-care. This course is designed to give you back hope, opportunity and control.

 1 session 

Life Problem?

Let’s Solve It!

We all have problems and fortunately all problems have solutions. Unfortunately when you are struggling with negativity it may seem like challenges in your life are unsolvable. This course will focus on alternative ways of thinking about difficulties and practical steps to address life’s problems.

 3 sessions 

Staying Well

Do you want to develop coping strategies and skills to keep yourself well? This course covers planning for staying well and managing difficult times. We will look at how you can nurture your self-esteem, build your confidence and put in place practical steps towards a stronger future for yourself.

 5 sessions 

WRAP For Carers

Mary Ellen Copeland developed WRAP at a workshop in Vermont in 1997. WRAP focuses on peoples strengths and is developed by the person. WRAP is “adaptable to any situation” and is not just for people with severe mental illness. An Edinburgh Carers Council study funded by NHS Lothian found “a significant improvement in mental wellbeing” of carers who had completed WRAP. It was reported that they defined their recovery in terms of recuperation, revival and renewal. By completing WRAP Carers will develop a personal framework to explore what they can do to maintain positive wellbeing. Compass Recovery College offers 5 sessions of WRAP for Carers followed by monthly “catch up” sessions.

 5 sessions 

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