Health Difficulties and Managing Them:

Introduction to Anxiety

Everyone feels anxious at some time in their lives.
In this workshop we will look at:

  • How anxiety impacts on our mental wellbeing

  • The different causes of anxiety

  • How we can manage the feelings

This workshop will provide you with a safe place to discuss your concerns, develop coping strategies, and find support, treatments and self-help groups, in your community.

 2 sessions 

Introduction to Depression

This workshop looks at essential information about depression:

  • How depression is diagnosed

  • How depression affects different people

  • Different tools for managing depression

This provides a space to discuss experiences and learn from each other.
 2 sessions 

Introduction to Psychosis

The experience of psychosis, for example hearing voices or experiencing altered perception is surprisingly common. Being diagnosed with psychosis can be frightening and life changing event. There are lots of misconceptions and stigma regarding psychosis which can make coming to terms with it even harder. This workshop looks at a variety of treatments, and personal experiences of psychosis. It also focuses on the ways people have managed their experiences so that they can get on and live their lives.

 2 sessions 

Introduction to Hearing Voices

A one-off session that looks at the reasons why we hear voices, the history of hearing voices, how our voices affect us and a wide range of coping strategies to suit a wide range of people. This workshop is open to anyone who wants to understand more about hearing voices, it will include:

  • Different theories and ideas

  • Coping strategies people use

  • Sources of support, advice and information

  • An introduction to the Hearing Voices Network

 1 session 

Introduction to Bipolar

Someone diagnosed with bipolar can experience a wide range of moods from excitement to deep depression. These moods can change very quickly. This workshop explores:

  • The common features of bipolar

  • What can trigger bipolar episodes

  • Treatments and medication

  • How bipolar can be self-managed

 2 sessions 

Introduction to Panic

This workshop looks at supporting students gain an understanding of panic in a safe supportive environment. We will discuss:

  • What is ‘Panic’

  • Alternative ways of looking at panic attacks

  • Experimenting with responding to panic attacks differently

  • Maintain progress and dealing with setbacks

  • How friends and family can help

  • Looking forward to the future

 2 sessions 

Introduction to Your

Mental Health Medication

Understanding Medication is facilitated by Mona Qassim, a pharmacist from Berkshire Health Care Foundation Trust. The session is designed to help you understand how your medication works, the importance of taking it as prescribed, and how not taking as prescribed can increase your problems.

If you want to ask specific questions about your own prescription it is probably a good idea to your medication with you.

 1 session 

Introduction to Mental Health Awareness

This course is a three hour introductory session to
raise awareness of mental health.

  • An Understanding of what mental health is and how to challenge stigma.

  • A basic knowledge of some common mental health issues and an introduction to looking after your own mental health.

  • Confidence to interact with someone in distress or who may be experiencing a mental health issue.

 1 session 

How do we live well with our voices?

This group is a collaboration between voice hearers, professionals and peer support workers as we plan how to live with voices and audio hallucinations. This course is grounded on the acceptance of lived experiences of voice hearing.
Co-facilitated by a voice hearer, the course will focus on understanding and working with the voice hearers experience. Group members will be invited to nominate topics for discussion.

 6 sessions 

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