Coping with Panic Attacks Course

with Olga Zilberberg

This four-week course is divided into 4 one-hour lessons and delivered over the video platform 'Zoom'. Sessions will cover information on panic attacks from understanding the workings of the brain and the cycle of panic to learning about our own misinterpretations, finding our hidden catastrophising thoughts and dealing with our anticipatory anxiety that leads us to further panic attacks.


We will look into different CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) techniques to help us challenge unhelpful thinking and taking away their emotional charge. We will also look into disarming anxiety by using relaxation and mindfulness techniques. Finally, we will work towards overcoming avoidance and gradually exposing ourselves to panic triggering situations in a safe space.

The course is divided into bitesize lessons which include home experiments and extended learning.


To book a place on the course please call 07739-823140

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