Code of Conduct

We want to ensure that every student of the College has a positive, enriching experience of the courses they take part in.

In our courses, no one is expected to mention anything about their personal or professional life, their history or their physical/mental health challenges; however if anyone does share anything, we ask you to treat what is discussed with complete confidentiality.

Students should:

  • Behave in a responsible manner designed to foster mutual respect and understanding between all members of the Recovery College community.

  • Respect the rights, life choices, beliefs and opinions of others (do not discriminate against others with regard to race, gender, sexuality or other characteristics).

  • Behave in a manner appropriate to the learning environment that is non-threatening and non-disruptive, and is unlikely to lead to physical or emotional harm towards students or staff whilst attending courses.

  • Refrain from the use of alcohol or street drugs whilst attending courses/sessions.

  • Agree and adhere to the group contract for the course(s) you are attending.

All of us have a responsibility to ensure that this code is respected and adhered to including tutors.​

If you have breached this Code of Conduct, we will discuss this with you and try and find a way forward. Serious breaches may result in being dismissed from the course/session.

Please approach a member of the Recovery College staff if you have any concerns.

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