Being Creative

The best thing about art and craft is that it can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time, and can take any form that you personally enjoy. One example of how you can be creative at home is collage. You don't need to be able to draw or paint, all you need is some paper, scissors (or you can rip your materials!) and glue.

What can I cut out? Magazines and newspapers are a great place to start. These have a combination of photographs and text in bold colours that are really eye-catching. Food packaging (clean and dry) is a way you can incorporate recycling into your artwork, experimenting with different textures while reducing household waste!

(image credit @mrtt, Compass Recovery students)

What should I do? Some people decide to make more realistic collages of recognisable objects like people or animals, some lean towards landscapes whether these use realistic colours or look more abstract, and some people go for complete surrealism, mixing objects, colours and textures to create something that could come straight from fantasy or a dream! 

We'd love to see your art work so send anything you've been creating to us at and we'll put it up on our website!

Our creative activities and classes are close to our heart here at Compass as they offer a calm and relaxing environment to socialise and reduce stress. All of our art-based courses are suitable for complete beginners right through to those with more experience. Materials are all provided. Our courses are led by both qualified teachers and peer-support.



Being Creative – 5 sessions

Our sessions are held weekly with a different activity each week including things like collage, painting, colouring-in and drawing. This course includes opportunities to work both alone and in groups, with organised activities to guide and enable your creativity.


Pottery – 10 sessions

One of our most popular courses at the college, this pottery course allows you to become familiar with some simple clay skills in a supportive and friendly environment. The course is delivered in a fully-equipped pottery studio.

The Art and Craft Café – Wednesdays - 1-4pm

This ongoing social group provides a regular space and materials where you can develop new art and craft skills, brush up on your existing skills or meet new people and catch up with old friends in a relaxing and warm setting. We have coffee and tea facilities where you can help yourself to a drink while you get creative! Each month there will be an Art and Craft demonstration however this group is largely designed to give you the freedom to work on whatever you want to.

To book a place on the course please call 07739-823140

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