Beginner's Yoga Workshops

with Eve Wood

6 week course

This six-week course is divided into 6 forty-minute workshops on Zoom that will provide an introduction to yoga that is fun, relaxed and tailored to you. From the comfort of your own home we'll explore what yoga can do for our overall well-being and how best to take on the physical practice for YOUR body. Over the period of the course we will cover:

  • Breathing techniques

  • Basic yoga 'language' (familiarising you with terms you might commonly hear in a yoga class)

  • Basic yoga postures (e.g. child's pose, cat/cow, savasana)

  • Mindful movements (thinking about how your body feels and how to adapt postures to suit your needs)

  • An introduction to sun salutations - a series of movements mobilising the whole body, a great yoga staple to incorporate into your daily or weekly routine

  • Balancing postures

  • Grounding and relaxation


With small class sizes and short sessions we hope this will provide a personalised and gentle introduction to mindful yoga that encourages you to continue beyond this course.


To book a place on the course please call 07739-823140

or email

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